What do you do when your web hosting provider ignores you?

First off this is not to tarnish their name however, I feel that it is very important to let people know the truth. Because of their lack of security is directly affecting me, and other people utilizing their services on their shared hosting servers. Arvixe Web Hosting is running an End Of Life PHP on shared web hosting servers. I’ve inquired about it before it was End Of Life when it was coming up and after the end of life. PHP Branch 7.0 end-of-life was 6 months ago. 10 Jan 2019.

So I asked them to fix it. This will be my third time inquiring about updating the PHP.

The start of the support ticket just a simple request.

Arvixe Web Administrator Replying and then closing the ticket.

My over-the-top Angry reply. Perhaps I should have waited a day or two before replying, but I was very mad.

Arvixe Web Administrator Replying.

So in between this conversation, I would get an email to rate the interaction with tech support how they are doing? So on and so forth and that would be added into the full support ticket. When you look at the support ticket in full it makes it look confusing.

This is the reply to the questionnaire/rate email

Here are a couple of images when some of the programs I’m running.

It all started with a program that I was really looking forward to that had a new point release. It had a lot of new features however, I have no control over the PHP and I could not get this point released because the PHP that was being used on the server. The first time I talk to tech support I really didn’t get an answer or maybe I did and I don’t remember, but basically, they said they would not update it to the latest stable PHP. Which at the time was 7.2 which was what I wanted. Then theystarted pushing VPS which by the way starts at $43.00 a month. I don’t really want to go from roughly 54.00 Semi-Annually to $258 Semi-Annually. Fuck that!

The last couple of times I’ve had to contact their online tech support it’s as if something has changed. I don’t know if their structure changed or if they’re just pushing virtual private servers because they think that’s the way of the future or something. All I ever wanted was webspace and an up-to-date server.

So I took it to Twitter to see i that would speed up the process. All I got out of that was they were a little nicer but generic answers and as I write this right now July 30th, 2019 the PHP version still has not moved on that server.

I’ll leave this up to you to decide do you think I’m paranoid Is this retaliation coincidence or automated detection. I received an email saying that I was archiving. What happened was I backed up everything that was hosted on their shity hosting service. What it does is it zips up everything you’ve ever uploaded into one zip file so it made 32 gigs turn into 64 or something like that. I forgot to delete the backup zip. Not long after I did the backup. for my move to a new Web hosting company, I get an email that I was in violation and, I had seven days the fix the problem. I immediately FTP in and deleted my backup responded to them kindly. Waited two days for them to get back to me eventually it was a close ticket and everything was ok. I’ll leave my opinion out on that technically I forgot and did according to there terms and services I messed up.

I want to get one thing straight Arvixe was good to me for a long time. I was a little shocked about the PHP in quarry and how it all went down. I did a lot of research before picking a hosting provider and Arvixe was rated one of the best at the time in 2016. One of the main reasons I chose Arvixe was they allowed nextcloud they seem to keep things up to date. If I ever had an issue I would do a live chat tech support they were kind and they would fix the problem or help you fix the issue at hand. Please don’t get me wrong Arvixe is still kind and courteous. I’m just not going to renew Web Houston with Arvixe. I still have services with them for now eventually everything will merge it all over to my new hosting provider. I just bought two domain names and I don’t feel like double paying. See if you transfer a domain name from one company to another you have to pay to re-register it. So I have to wait at least one month before renewal before transferring to get my money’s worth.

The hosting provider I’m with now offers a lot more for less. I have more control in the Cpanel then I ever imagined. Now I don’t want to ruin a good thing I’m not superstitious BUT I don’t want to say a lot of good things and then something bad happened. I am really happy with the new web hosting provider which is mochahost.

By the way, this was not posted live until everything was off their server. Other than having two domain names registered with them that just point to my new hosting provider. I wrote this post July 30th 2019.

Update: Today is August 17th, 2019 and they still haven’t updated the PHP

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  1. Dec. 2019…..my shared hosting in Arvixe still has the outdated PHP 7.0
    I got lot of security wordpress warnings about this.

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