Replacing a battery in a Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

My first major purchase when I got my job at Amazon. Was a new phone and at that time the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge just came out. I really enjoyed having a modern cell phone and at the time it was top of the line Android phone. Upon Setting up my plan with Verizon the salesman being a salesman talked me into getting an OtterBox cover for it at the low price 45 bucks. That is a joke that’s supposed to be funny because my case for my new phone cost me $10 on Amazon.

The phone work pretty good there were a couple of things I didn’t like such as unable to root the phone. I’m not saying I can’t root the phone. I know how to but if I did it would void the warranty. So yes I was stuck with that stupid NFL app. So about 10 months in I noticed my moderately-priced OtterBox cover was not sitting right. I was having difficulties with the volume controls. I took the Otterbox off the phone and discovered the phone was coming apart.

Samsung Galaxy S7 edge battery swell after 10 months.
Samsung Galaxy S7 edge battery swell after 10 months.

What happened was battery swelled up and literally pushing the bottom of the phone apart at the seams. So I took it to Verizon next to my house where I purchased it. Where it got very confusing on how to utilize my warranty the lady there was telling me I needed to get in contact with tech support and install an app and all kinds of weird unnecessary confusing information. I was in a hurry that day because I had a date with my new girlfriend! We decided to go to the Verizon store by her house. The salesman because that’s what they are a salesman. He immediately looked at it and said that is a manufactur defect he wrote up a slip and said I’d have a new phone in 2 days.

Received my new phone in two days and roughly 10 months later the phone starts to come apart at the seams once again. With anger and no warranty, I bought an iPhone and a warranty. And put the S7 Edge on the shelf.

I previously fixed a tablet that my daughter cracked the screen on. I was thinking maybe I could fix the cell phone and to my surprise, there is a kit out there to do just that. The company is called iFixit not only could I buy the kit it was only $32 with parts and tools and a new battery $32! First thought in my head was what do I have to lose if I screw it up oh well. I have a phone that’s working perfect and this one’s just sitting around probably getting ready to explode while I’m asleep. So I bought the kit.

Rather than keep talking I decided to make a video my very first public video on YouTube Titled is Replacing a Samsung S7 Edge battery with iFixit kit!

This was originally posted on May 11, 2019. Find out what I did with the phone and what started a new obsession thanks to my friend Jason.

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